As of April 2020, existing customers can add Office 365 to their Woven account.  This means for the first time you can view, plan, schedule, and manage your time across all your Office 365 G Suite, and GMail calendars.

How can I add my Office 365 account to Woven?

To add your Office 365 account to your existing Woven account, go to Woven Account Manager - available by clicking on the 'Your account' icon in the lower lefthand corner of the Woven window sidebar.

Can I signup for Woven with my Office 365 account?

Soon new customers will be able to signup for Woven with their Office 365 accounts as well as GMail and G Suite accounts.

Other Calendar Information

Here are updates on other calendar platforms we will be supporting soon.

Need help?

If you have any questions about adding your Office 365 account to Woven, please send an email to - we're here to help!

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