Woven's unique event sharing model lets you collaborate with other participants on the time and location of events before scheduling them.

Guest scheduling lets you create a link where any guest--even non-Woven users--can schedule one of the times you've suggested.

  1. Create a new event and give it a title
  2. Add the participants you'd like to meet with (if you don't know their email address, you can share the link with them later)
  3. Click the "Suggest options" button inside the time field
  4. Click all of the times on the calendar that you'd be willing to meet (your guests will only be able to schedule one of them).  You can also select options from the list of recommended times (left panel on desktop; bottom drawer on iOS). You can remove or adjust these suggestions at any time by finding this event in your Planning list.
  5. Turn on the "Sharing" toggle inside the event details
  6. Click "Copy link" ("Share link" on iOS) to share a link to these times with your guests.

Anyone you share this link with will be able to schedule one of the times you've suggested.

And if none of the times work for them, they can suggest other times that do. You'll be notified that there are new suggested times, and you can schedule any of those that work for you.

Questions? Comments? Let us know at support@woven.com.

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