If you have a lot of similar meetings (e.g. lunch, coffee, phone calls), most calendars make you fill out the same information over and over again. Woven lets you create Smart Templates to schedule even the most complex meetings quickly. 

Creating a template

You can easily create a Woven template from any event.  Simply select “Create Template” from the event options.  Woven will copy everything except the event time into the template - location, description, participants, and more.  You can edit or remove anything you want, then save it for later.

Using a template

The next time you need to schedule that kind of meeting, just click the “+” button or select a time on the calendar, then select the template from the list of suggestions.

Setting available times

Woven templates are smart as well. You can tell Woven what times are best to schedule for each template. For example, you might want “Dinner” to always be between 6:00pm and 9PM.  Tap “Availability” to set the available window for the template.

Scheduling Links

Woven Smart Templates can be turned into Scheduling Links - persistent, public URLs that you can share with guests to schedule meetings on your calendar.

For instance, if you create a template for Client Consultation, you can create and publish a Scheduling Link for your clients to let them schedule meetings with you in a single click.

Tips for getting started

  • Think about the types of meetings you schedule most often. Begin by creating templates for those meeting types.
  • Try turning an existing event into a template. It will include all the information from the original event.
  • Set specific availability windows for each template. For instance, you might want a “Lunch” event to always be between 12-2 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • If you have customers or clients that want to book with you, create a template for those kinds of meetings, and publish them as Scheduling Links
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