We all have certain types of meetings or blocks of time we schedule that require a few minutes to recreate on our calendars each time we schedule them.

Here are just a few examples of recursive types of meetings (not to be confused with recurring meetings themselves) that we schedule on our calendars over time;

  • Conference calls with the same participants, conference information, location, etc

  • Meetings at your local coffee shop

  • 1:1 or coaching meetings you schedule with staff and peers

  • New Client Meetings where you have a set agenda and description in the invite.

  • One-off meetings with your team members

We also have types of recurring work we block time on our calendars where we just need to focus at our desk and get work done.  For an example;

  • Blocking time for a Site inspection

  • Project specific work

  • Focus time to review employee performance

  • Desk time to research a topic or analyze a problem.

  • Even time set aside for you to focus on the important things in your personal life.

Current calendar tools make you fill out the same information over and over again, wasting valuable minutes that turn into hours of lost time each month.  

With Smart Templates you can quickly schedule certain types of meetings or block similar types of work on your calendar fast.

You can also add Personal Tags to your templates to gain valuable insights using Woven's analytics capabilities.

Creating a Template

You can easily create a Template for any recursive type of meeting or to block time for certain types of work you need to get done. 

Simply select “Create Template” from the event options.  Select the settings for the type of meeting, event, or time blocks you want to setup.

For a recursive meeting template this could include;

  • Recursive Attendees

  • You conferencing information (you personal Zoom, Google Hangout, or conferencing number

  • Location

  • Add specific personal tags to categorize your types of meetings for enhanced analytics

Time Blocking using a template could include a variety of activities;

  • Work from home with home location

  • Putting time aside for research or analysis

  • Focus time for budget analysis

  • Onsite inspection

  • Desk time to write reviews

  • Add specific personal tags to of your time blocking templates to gain insights on the type of focused work your getting done over time.

Using Your Meeting Template

The next time you need to schedule a recursive type of meeting, just click the “+” button (or click directly on your calendar) and select the specific type of meeting template from the list of templates.

Setting Available Times

Woven templates are smart as well. You can tell Woven what times are best to schedule for each template. For example, you might want “Dinner” to always be between 6:00pm and 9PM.  Tap “Availability” to set the available window for the template.

Tips for getting started

  • Think about the types of recursive meetings you schedule. Begin by creating templates for those meeting types.

  • Create a template for the type of work that you block time for on your calendar.  Make a template for each type (or category).

  • Use Private Tags when creating your Templates to enhance insights you will get from Woven's powerful analytics capabilities over time.

  • Try turning an existing event into a template. It will include all the information from the original event.

  • Set specific availability windows for each template. For instance, you might want a “Lunch” event to always be between 12-2 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • If you have customers or clients that want to book with you, create a template for those kinds of meetings, and publish them as Public Scheduling Links.

Need help?

If you have any questions , please send an email to support@woven.com.  We're here to help!

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