When scheduling a meeting with a client, business associate, or any person; offering  a variety of times to meet is the most personal and efficient way to schedule a meeting.

From the "+" button, select Scheduling Link. You can create a One-time Scheduling Link using one of your templates or create a One-time Scheduling Links from scratch  (Though if you've created Templates based on how you work, you won't have to.).

Confirm your proposed meeting duration (i.e. 30 minutes) and then choose what times you'd like to offer.

Offering all available times.

By selecting “Offer all available times” Woven will show you a preview of which times will be offered.

Offer specific times to your attendee.

If you would like to be more specific with the times you offer, you can select "Choose specific times" and select specific times;

  • The fastest way is to either click and drag across a block of time (which will add multiple times) and/or you can simply click on specific times on your calendar.

  • Click “Add times”, and Woven will display a list of suggested times that might work which you can add.

When the event looks good, click “Create link”.

You can then copy the link and share it with your invitee any way you choose; via email, a text message, or through chat. 

How your attendees schedule time.

When an attendee clicks on your On-time Scheduling Link, your attendee can select the optimal time to meet from the times you proposed, even if they are not using Woven or the same calendaring system you are!

Once they click "Schedule", your meeting is booked and on your calendar.

To stop you from inadvertently booking an event over times you've currently offered to a person through a One-Time Scheduling Link, learn how to turn on "Show Suggested Times" on your My Time calendars.

Need More Help?

If you need help with One-Time Scheduling Links (or how to use Smart Templates to create a One-Time Scheduling Link twice as fast), send an email to support@woven.com.

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