Many people want to offer their available times to clients and business associates to schedule time together. Woven Scheduling Links make this easy and fast.

Woven has two types of scheduling links:

  • Published Scheduling Links are editable URLs that can be used by multiple different people to schedule time with you, anytime that you're available.
  • One-time Scheduling Links let you offer free times for a single meeting.

Creating a published Scheduling Link

First create a Woven Smart Template for the type of meeting you’d like to enable. Choose all of the Woven event features you want, then set the “Availability” to the times you’re willing to offer.

When you’re ready, select “Publish as a scheduling link”.

You can customize the URL of the page, then send the link to people directly, post it on your website or social profile, or include in your email signature. Anyone who visits the link will be able to schedule an event that works with your availability.

Creating a one-time Scheduling Link

From the "+" button, select Scheduling Link. You can choose one of your templates or create a blank event.

Next, choose what times you'd like to offer for this event:

  • The default option is “any available time”, similar to how published Scheduling Links work. On the right side, you can see a preview of which times will be offered
  • Alternatively, you can choose a few specific times to offer, rather than sharing all of your open times. To do that, click where it says “anyone can schedule any available time”, and choose the option that says “anyone can schedule specific times”. Click “Add times”, and you’ll see a list of suggested times that might work. You can also click anywhere on the calendar.

When the event looks good, click “Create link”.

You can share the link with anyone, over email, text, or chat. This link will only work for a single event--when the event is scheduled, all of the participants will be invited and the link will no longer let people schedule new events.

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