Many people want to offer their available times to clients and business associates to schedule time together. Woven Scheduling Links make this easy and fast.

First create a Woven Smart Template for the type of meeting you’d like to enable. Choose all of the Woven event features you want, then set the “Availability” to the times you’re willing to offer.

When you’re ready, select “Publish as a scheduling link”. You can choose between two options for scheduling:

  • Schedule any available time - Lets people schedule any free time on your calendar, within the availability you’ve set
  • Suggest times - People can “request” one or more available times on your calendar, but not schedule directly. Woven notifies you of the request, and you can decide which time you’d like to schedule.

You can customize the URL of the page, then send the link to people directly, post it on your website or social profile, or include in your email signature.

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