Scheduling with people outside of your company can be challenging, as you usually don't have access to each other's calendar information.

Woven Availability Sharing lets Woven customers share when they are free or busy with each other, making it easy to find times that work for everyone.

People you share with can:

  • See if you are free or busy at a specific time when scheduling a meeting

  • Search for all the upcoming times you are free

They can not:

  • See the events or details of your calendar

  • Make changes to your events

Sharing your availability

You can select people you'd like to share your availability information with when first setting up Woven, or by selecting "Availability sharing" in the Woven menu.

To share your availability with someone else, type their name or email address in the "Share with someone else" search box, and select "Share" on their row.

If they are a Woven user, they will be notified that you shared with them, and immediately be able to find times that fit your schedule.

If they are not yet a Woven user, they will receive an email telling them that you shared with them, and when they sign up for Woven they'll have access to your free/busy information right away.

You can stop sharing with someone at any time by selecting the "Sharing" button again, which will disable sharing and return the button to the "Share" state again.

Requesting someone else's availability

If you would like to request another person's availability information, select "Sharing with you" in the Availability Sharing settings, and type their name or email address in the "Request someone's availability" search box. Select "Request" and they will be added to the "Requested" section of that screen.

Woven customers are notified of all requests and can approve or ignore them individually. Non-Woven customers are notified of requests and can choose to sign up for Woven if they'd like to share their availability.

You can cancel any request by selecting the "Requested" button, which will remove them from their list of requests.

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