This is a guide to help new customers start getting several hours of their time back each month by using Woven's unique features to schedule and manage their time.

Here are the recommended First Five Steps to begin your time saving journey with Woven.

STEP 1:  Create Several Templates for How You Work

Woven's Smart Templates are a key feature to effectively plan and manage your time. Templates make it easy to schedule common types of events on your calendar quickly and efficiently, whether a recursive type of meeting, or to block time to get work done.

Templates for the type of work you do

Start by thinking about the major categories of work you do throughout the week in your role.  Create a Template  for each type or category of work and setup the template to quickly block focus/desk time on your calendar.

Here are some examples;

  • A Sales Executive could have templates for Sales Forecast, Pipeline Management, Client research, Sales Calls, etc.
  • A Podcaster could setup templates for Guest Research, Podcast Post Production, Podcast Pre Interview, etc.
  • An Architect may have templates for Client Project, Site Visit, Contracts, Studio Time, etc
  • A University Professor can have templates for Ad hoc Office Hours, Committee Meetings, Grading, etc.

Pro Tip - Add Personal Tags to each template to unlock valuable insights into where you spend time in your role using Woven's powerful analytics.

Templates for Recursive Meetings

Look for the same types of  meetings you tend to put on your calendar (don't confuse this with regularly scheduled recurring meetings).  

Some examples include;

  • Team meeting that include the same attendees, conferencing info, location, etc.
  • A Client conference call that includes your telephone conference bridge number and standard agenda/topics for these types of calls you may normally include.
  • Employee 1:1 meetings that tend to have the same location, agenda format, etc.
  • Department meetings that likely have the same extended attendee list, conferencing options, and conference room location.

Pro Tip - Add Personal Tags to each template to unlock valuable insights into how you manage your time using Woven's powerful analytics.


STEP 2: Use a Scheduling Link to Setup your next One-Time Meeting

Use a Scheduling Link to create the most personalized meeting invite experience for a colleague, coworker, or any person you need to meet with.  

By sharing a Scheduling Link, you are offering your invitee a variety of times for them to choose from and book a meeting with you.

You can send a Scheduling Link as part of an email, directly with a person through chat, or in a text message.

Pro Tip - if you use an iPhone, check out how to use Woven directly from iMessges)


STEP 3:  Share a Public Scheduling Link

By sharing a Public Scheduling Link ( e.g. as part of your email signature, as a link on your blog or website, part of your LinkedIn profile, etc) anyone who clicks on the link can book a meeting on your calendar instantly.  

Public Scheduling Link's are controlled by the setting you select in one of your Templates.  

We continually see our customers find new innovative ways to leverage the power of a Public Scheduling Links based on how they work.


STEP 4:  Schedule your next Team Meeting using a Group Poll

We all know how much time we have to invest to setup a meeting with a group of people.  

Coordinating who can make what times and dates turns into a cycle of messages and negotiations to finally find a date and time that works optimally for everyone.  

Use a Group Poll to efficiently schedule your next group meeting.


STEP 5:  Download the Woven Apps that work for you

We support Woven on your mobile devices, in your web browser, and as a standalone desktop app.  Take a few moments to download the app that's right for you.


Even More Help Getting Started

Find out how to use all of Woven's unique powerful features by visiting our Feature Articles.

Connect with the Woven team and other customers by joining our Woven Users Group on facebook or the Woven Users Slack Workspace.

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Need help?

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