Introduction to Woven

Here are five steps you can take to get started with Woven:

  1. Download the Woven app that works for you

  2. Create Templates for your working style

  3. Use a Scheduling Link to set up your next one-time meeting

  4. Share a Public Scheduling Link

  5. Use a Group Poll to inform your next meeting or event

STEP 1: Download Woven Apps

We support Woven on mobile, in your web browser and as a standalone desktop app. Get all the apps that work for you!

STEP 2:  Create templates for your working style

Woven's Smart Templates make it easy to schedule common types of events. These include regular meetings, as well as blocking time to get work done.

Templates for Time Blocking

Time Blocking is easier than ever: with a combo of Smart Templates with Private Tags, and Analytics, Woven can help you identify the best time to get work done without distractions. Learn more about Time Blocking.

Templates for Regular Meetings

Woven provides templates for your regular meetings -- or meetings of the same type that you schedule frequently (not to be confused with recurring meetings).

Regular meetings may include those with standard agendas, attendees or teleconference information:

  • Team meetings

  • Client meetings

  • Employee 1:1 meetings

  • Department meetings

Pro Tip - You can add Personal Tags to each template to unlock insights about how you tend to manage your time.


Use a Scheduling Link to create a personalized invitation for any person you want to invite to your event.

By sharing a Scheduling Link, you are offering your invitee a variety of times to choose for a meeting with you.

You can send a Scheduling Link as part of an email, directly with a person through chat, or in a text message.

Learn more about Scheduling Links.

Pro Tip - iPhone users can use Woven directly from iMessage.


You can share a Public Scheduling Link in your email signature, as a web link, on your social profiles, or other ways you like. Anyone who clicks it can book a meeting on your calendar.

You control the settings on your Public Scheduling Links via your Smart Templates.

Learn more about Public Scheduling Links.


STEP 5:  Use a Group Poll to find the best times to meet

You don't need to email a group of people to set up the best time to meet anymore. Use a Group Poll to ask invitees the times that work best for them -- and get it scheduled quickly.

Learn more about Group Polls.


Even more help to get you started

Visit our Help Center to learn more about Woven's powerful features.

Connect with our team and other customers in the Woven Users Group on Facebook, or the Woven Users Slack Workspace.

Talk to us directly at

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