You can connect multiple Gmail, G Suite and Office 365 accounts to  Woven, bringing all your calendars together in one unified calendar where you can use our advanced scheduling and time management features.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. Manage your accounts using Woven Account Manager
  2. Your primary login account
  3. Add GMail, G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365 or calendar account
  4. Remove access from a secondary account
  5. Re-authorize a Google account

Manage your accounts using Woven Account Manager

You can manage all Gmail, G Suite, and Office 365 accounts associated to your Woven account using the Woven Account Manager.

Your Sign-in account

The Gmail, G Suite, or Office 365 account you used to sign up to Woven is known as your sign-in account.

Add additional calendar accounts

To add an additional Gmail, G Suite, and Office 365 account to Woven;

  • For Woven desktop or web apps, go to Woven Account Manager and click on the "Add Account" button in either the Google or Microsoft sections.
  • For Woven on an iOS device, open the Woven menu, select 'Settings' and click on Add/manage accounts.

You can add as many secondary accounts as you wish to Woven.

After you grant Woven access to your secondary account, it might take a few minutes for Woven to sync all the calendars from your newly associated account.

Once the sync is complete, you can use all the calendars of additional account(s) just like the calendars from your primary account, including the ability to set them as My Time calendars.

Remove access to a calendar account

To remove access to a secondary account, go to Woven Account Manager, locate the  account and click on the "Remove Access" button.

When you remove Woven's access to a secondary account, Woven does not completely remove the relationship between your Woven account and your GMail/Google/Office 365 account.  Here is what happens:

  1. The ongoing sync between Woven and the account stops.  This means Woven stops updating the calendars for this account.
  2. The permissions you have given to Woven associated with the account are immediately and permanently deleted.
  3. The calendars associated with the account become hidden.

However, the account remains associated to your Woven account and it cannot be associated to another Woven account.

In the future, if you wish to add a previously-removed Google account back to Woven, simply follow the steps outlined in "Add a secondary Google account" section.

Re-authorize an account

To re-authorize an account associated with your Woven account, go to Woven Account Manager, locate the account and click on the "Authorize" button.

Occasionally, you might need to re-authorize Woven to use one of your accounts.  Woven will prompt you in this case.  Alternatively, you can also always re-authorize an account from Woven Account Manager.

Re-authorization might be required, for example, after you change the password of your account or after you enable two-factor authentication.  

If you are using a  G Suite account, your G Suite account administrator might also periodically require re-authorization.

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