Woven Scheduling Links allow you to set rules about when you are available to meet. This helps avoid meetings being scheduled at inconvenient times for you.

Finding the availability settings

For Scheduling Links and Templates, select "Availability" in the template settings.

"Available times"

Select the hour range and days of the week you are available for this meeting. For instance, you might choose 1:00pm-3:00pm on Fridays as your availability for a casual "Coffee" meeting.

"Limit to"

Limits how far out in the future people can schedule this meeting. The default is "no limit", but you might choose to limit people to scheduling only within the next few days or weeks.

"Buffer time required"

Lets you require a certain amount of unscheduled time on each side of this meeting. This can help ensure that people don't schedule meetings immediately before or after something else on your My Time calendars, giving you time to prepare for or travel to the meeting.

"Earliest availability"

Sets the earliest (relative) time that people can schedule this meeting. This helps avoid being surprised by last-minute meetings scheduled right before they are going to start.

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