Woven supports Siri shortcuts in the Woven iOS app.  Siri shortcuts allow you to interface with Woven purely through voice commands.  They also provide some scripting capabilities for more advanced features.  

Some examples of what you can do with Siri shortcuts:

  • Assign a voice command to any template - "Hey Siri - schedule a coffee meeting"

  • Automatically propose times on your calendar to someone - "Hey Siri - suggest times for coffee"

  • Automatically schedule an event based on the first available time for participants - "Hey Siri - make a date night with Shannon"

To take advantage of these features, you need to have already setup your Smart Templates for recurring types of meetings and time blocking your work.  

Setting up Siri Shortcuts

The easiest way to use a Siri shortcut is simply to assign it to a template.  You can do this by opening up the template editor and select the Siri shortcut button.  

This will take you to the following screen:

From this point you can press the record button and use any phrase to invoke the template - for example - "Schedule Drinks".

Using a Siri Shortcut

Once the template is connected to a Siri shortcut, to use it, you simply tell Siri what to do:

That's it! 

Want to do more advanced things with Siri shortcuts? Check out our article and tutorial on Advanced Siri Shortcuts

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