Note: if you have not yet read our intro to Siri Shortcuts article, please do so before reading this article.

Siri Shortcuts can be used to do many advanced things such as creating an event, suggesting times, scheduling the event, and even navigating the app.  This tutorial will provide an overview of more advanced capabilities that can be enabled with Siri Shortcuts.  

Full list of Siri Shortcuts 

Woven supports the following capabilities:

  • View next event - Open's Woven with your next event

  • Create an event - Opens Woven with the new event screen using a blank event

  • Create an event from any Template - Opens Woven with a new event screen using the specified template

  • Find my next free time - Instructs Woven to add the first free time from "Find a time" to the event's time

  • Suggest times I'm free - Instructs Woven to find the first 3 times you are free from "suggest options" and create suggestions from them

  • Show my Woven calendar - Opens Woven to the Calendar Screen

  • Show me a map of my day - Opens Woven to the Map Screen

  • Show Woven event updates - Opens Woven to the Updates Screen 

  • Show events I'm planning - Opens Woven to the Planning Screen

  • Show my templates - Opens Woven to the list of Templates

  • Schedule this event - Instructs Woven to schedule the currently open event (if the time is set)

  • Add conferencing - Instructs Woven to add conferencing information to an event

  • Share this event - Instructs Woven to turn on sharing and create a scheduling link for an event

Enabling any of the above Siri Shortcuts

To enable any or all of the above Siri shortcuts, you must associate a phrase with them. 

  • To do this go to General->Siri&Search->All Shortcuts.

  • Scroll down to Woven and select "See All"

  • Select the Shortcut you want to enable

  • Provide it a voice command

You can repeat this for any of the Woven shortcuts you want to enable.

Tutorial - Automatically Scheduling an Event based on a Template

To complete this tutorial, you will need to download Apple's "Shortcuts" application here

Imagine you want Woven to Schedule an event, find the first time, and schedule an event.  You could enable all 3 of these shortcuts, and repeat 3 separate commands, OR you could simply create one task from a group of these shortcuts.

To do this, you will need to download the Siri Shortcuts App:

  • Open the shortcuts app

  • Create a new shortcut

  • Open the drawer, tap into the search box and scroll to Woven (NOTE: Searching for Woven will not provide the full list of shortcuts)

  • Select Woven

  • Select Schedule an Event (from a template)

  • Select Find my next free time

  • Select Schedule this event

  • Your shortcut should now look like this:

You can now run your shortcut!

It is also possible to assign a voice command to this shortcut, or even an icon on your home screen that will run when selected.  

Siri Shortcuts can be very advanced, and support many different scripting options.  We'd love to know what you've been able to build.  Let us know what you think!

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