When Woven detects that you are traveling, or when you're viewing an event set in another time zone, it automatically displays a secondary time zone column on the desktop calendar. 


When Woven detects that you are in a different time zone than your calendar setting, Woven will display that time zone as primary (directly next to the calendar) and your "home" time zone to the left of it. That way you can quickly check what time it is at home while referencing your schedule for the current location.

Events in other time zones

Similarly, no matter where you are, if you open an event that is set in a different time zone than you are in (e.g. looking at events before your trip), Woven will show that time zone as secondary, next to your local time zone. This helps you plan ahead and respond appropriately to invitations that come from people in other places.

We're looking into other related functionality, including the ability to always show a secondary time zone of your choice, and to quickly switch time zones from the calendar itself.  Let us know what you'd like to see at support@woven.com!

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