In today’s world, we increasingly are coordinating over text messaging. Woven’s new  iMessage app allows you to quickly offer meeting times to others without ever leaving your text thread.  Once you try it, you'll see just how it extends the value of Woven to your day.

Here’s how it works:

  • The latest version of Woven automatically installs the iMessage app. 

  • While in any text thread, simply tap on the orange Woven icon in the iMessage icon bar.  If you don’t see it, scroll the list of application icons to the left. 

  • You will be asked to “Choose a Template” - yet another way using  Smart Templates saves you valuable time  

  • Decide whether you want to suggest specific times, or offer all available times within the availability window, and then insert the link into the text stream. 

Whomever receives the link, just needs to click on it, select a time, and hit schedule.  This works regardless of whether the other party is a Woven user or not.  

Woven iMessage App Video Tutorial

Here is a full video of how the iMessage integration works for both the person sending and the person receiving the link.  

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