Automatically update the title of events to include the participant names, organizations, or both!

We’ve implemented a macro language in our titles that allows you to put a little bit of logic into the definition of a title. This syntax looks something like this:

  • Meeting with {{ Attendees }} -> expands to Meeting with <First name of each attendee>
  • Meeting with {{ Attendees or “TBD” }} -> expands to "Meeting with <first name of each attendee>” if there is an attendee, and “Meeting with TBD” if there are no attendees

There can even be some logic in here. For example: "Lunch {% if Attendees %}{{ Organizer }} | {{ Attendees }} {% else %}with {{ Organizer}}{% endif %}” will expand to:

  • "Lunch with Tim" - if no attendees
  • "Lunch Tim | Burc, Bob, +1 " - if there are 3 attendees

Smart Title syntax is already in Woven. You can use it by setting the title of any event with that logic, especially useful when used with your Smart Templates. That way each time you schedule an event from that template, the title of the event will be formatted correctly. 

Using Smart Titles on a Public Scheduling Link

This is particularly valuable for Public Scheduling Links (for example, a new client consultation meeting), where the participant names or organization aren't known until the event is scheduled.  Adding Smart Title syntax to your public scheduling links helps you quickly understand who your meeting with and what organization they are from simply by glancing at an event on your calendar.

Smart Title Syntax

Smart Titles can be used with all your One-Time Scheduling links, Public Scheduling Links, and Group Polls.

Here are the specific syntax to place between  "{{  }}" in your titles that we currently support:

  • Attendees - > The first two participants first names, “+N” where N is any additional number beyond 2, except the organizer
  • AttendeeFirstNames -> Synonymous with Attendees
  • AttendeeFullNames -> Same as Attendees but includes the Full name of the user
  • AttendeeDomains -> Same as Attendees but includes just the domain
  • Organizer -> The organizer’s first name
  • OrganizerFirstName -> Same as Organizer
  • OrganizerFullName -> The organizer’s Full name
  • AttendeesAndOrganizer -> The full list of Attendees First names including the Organizer

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