Many Woven users use Google Hangouts for video calls. You can add a Hangouts link (or Hangouts Meet link, depending on your organization settings) to any event, template, or scheduling link.

Adding Hangouts to an individual event

Select the "Conferencing" button in event details to add the Conferencing module. You can select between Google Hangouts or Personal link/phone number.

Adding Hangouts to all new events automatically (using templates)

Woven does not yet support automatically adding Hangouts to every new event. However, you can add Hangouts (or other conferencing) to a template, and selecting that template when creating a event will then include the Hangouts link. Learn more about Woven Smart Templates.

Setting your default conferencing type to Hangouts

Open Settings in the menu bar, and find Conferencing information. You can select Google Hangouts or Personal link/phone number as the default that will be added when you select "Conferencing".

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