Group Polls work similarly to Scheduling Links, but instead of directly scheduling the event, participants vote for the times that they can attend.

This is especially good for scheduling with groups--things like office events, team dinners, and board meetings, where you want people to share what times they can attend, but you’ll make the final scheduling decision.

First, choose “Group Poll” from the "+" menu. You can choose one of your templates or create a blank event.

Next, choose what times you'd like to offer for this event. You can select from the Add Times menu or click open spots on the calendar.

When the event looks good, click “Create link”. You can share the link with anyone or any group, over email, text, or chat.

You’ll be notified as people vote for times. When you’ve received enough votes, pick the time that looks best to you and schedule it. Everyone on the participant list will be invited.

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