You can add video and audio conferencing links to individual events, templates, scheduling links, and group polls in Woven.

Woven currently supports two types of conferencing information on your events:

  • Personal link/phone number
  • Google Hangouts

Native Zoom integration is currently in development.

You can use and switch between both types, as well as choose what one you'd like to use as your default method.

Personal link/phone number

The first time you click the "Conferencing" button on an event, we'll ask you if you have a personal conferencing link or phone number you'd like to use. You can also enter this information in the Settings menu under "Conferencing information".

Anything you enter in the "Conferencing link or phone #" field will be added to the Location field of your event. Applications like Zoom, BlueJeans, and others provide "Personal Meeting IDs" that can be used here. You can also enter a phone number.

Anything you enter in the "More conference information" field will be added to the Description field of your event. This can be useful for the alternative dial-in links that Zoom, BlueJeans, and other services provide.

Note that this method uses the same information for every event you add it it. To generate a dynamic, unique link for every new meeting, use the Google Hangouts method.

Google Hangouts

When adding conferencing to an event, you can select Google Hangouts as the conference type.

Once the event is scheduled, Google provides a unique link for the Hangout.

Adding conferencing to all new events automatically (using templates)

Woven does not yet support automatically adding conferencing to every new event. However, you can add any conference type to a template, and selecting that template when creating a event will then include the conferencing link. Learn more about Woven Smart Templates.

Setting your default conferencing type

Open Settings in the menu bar, and find Conferencing information. You can select Google Hangouts or Personal link/phone number as the default that will be added when you select "Conferencing".

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