You can create and edit recurring events in Woven on both desktop and mobile apps.

In addition, any recurring events you create in other calendar apps will display and be editable in Woven as well.

Woven does not yet support creating recurring events via scheduling links or group polls.

Creating a recurring event

Select the "Repeat" button on any new event to add the recurrence module:

Then choose your desired repeat frequency from the presets (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc) as well as the end date (or "forever"):

Editing a recurring event

After you've scheduled a recurring event, you can see the repeat pattern at the top of any one of the events scheduled:

Click "Edit all" to change the event details for the series. After making changes, you can select to apply the changes to "All events" in the series, or just "This and following events":

Note: It is not currently possible to change Woven-specific event fields (tags, private notes, etc) for all events in a series. Only the standard calendar fields can be changed (time, location, participants, description) as well as the repeat frequency and end date.

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