Event reminders

You can add reminders to any event, template, or scheduling link. Each regular event can have up to 5 unique reminders, and all-day events can have up to 2 reminders.

Scroll to the Reminders module (with the notification bell icon) and hover over any reminder to adjust or remove it. To add another reminder, click "Add reminder".

If there are no reminders on your event, you can add the Reminders module by clicking the "Reminders" button below the event details.

Setting up your default reminders

Woven has a "default reminders" setting, that will be used for all new events.

  • Go here: https://woven.com/app/settings

  • Scroll to and click on the "Notifications" section

  • Under "Event reminders", you can add, remove, or edit the default reminders that Woven puts on all new events. There is a separate setting for all-day events.

This will update any events that currently have the "default" reminders on them, and new events will also use these reminders.

Any scheduled events where you've previously manually adjusted the reminders will not be changed.

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