You can explore Woven's calendar and list views to see your events in new ways. You can also check out our list of Keyboard Shortcuts to help you navigate Woven faster.

About calendar views

On desktop, the calendar view allows you to toggle between daily, 3-day, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and "Auto" views.

The "Auto" view will automatically switch your view based on your screen size.

On mobile, select the white button to switch between daily, 3-day, and week-long views.

About the map view

Select the location icon to switch the calendar to your unique view. This will show your daily events on a map. Woven will calculate the travel time and routes.

Select the event to see or add travel time between adjacent appointments.

About event views

Woven shows you the information that is relevant to each event. Select any event to show the details in a new panel.

About the Planning view

The Planning tab keeps track of all of the events that you are working on scheduling in the future.

  • "Shared" shows the One-time Scheduling Links and Group Polls that you have already sent to other people, but the events have not yet been scheduled.
  • "Public links" shows all of the Public Scheduling Links that you've created (e.g. "Coffee")
  • "Drafts" shows the events, links, and polls that you have begun, but have not yet completed.

How to use your My Time calendars for event planning

My Time determines whether you or other invitees have conflicts at the proposed time for an event. For example, you might add your personal calendar to My Time (since you are attending those events), but not your coworker's calendar.

How to use the My Time view to avoid meeting time conflicts:

  1. Open the Settings panel.
  2. Select only the calendars with events that you personally plan to attend.

Need more help?

For help with calendar and list views, email us at or chat with us.

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