You've been selected for a free onboarding session with a Woven team member!

We're offering private, interactive sessions to a select group of new Woven users. We'll show you how to use Woven to save time each month and set up Woven for how you like to work.

What you'll learn

In your private 30-min onboarding session, you'll meet a Woven team member over videoconferencing.

The session will cover:

  • An overview of My Time
  • We use example Smart Templates to schedule a meeting, go over Time Blocking, and create a One-Time Scheduling Link for videoconferencing
  • We'll show you how to create a Published Scheduling Link, as well as how to use it
  • We'll show how Group Polls can help you find the best time when scheduling with multiple people
  • We'll share additional learning resources for new Woven users that will save you hours of time each month

For more information on getting started, review our Getting Started article and learn to navigate the Woven calendar and list views.

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Email to request your session. In your email, tell us why you chose Woven.

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