Woven offers multiple scheduling tools to serve busy professionals.

You can see featured scheduling tools by selecting the "+" button at the top left (desktop) or bottom right (mobile) of the screen.

  • New Event creates a single, standard event. Choose the time, participants, location and other settings. Then schedule the event immediately. You can also select the calendar view to create a new event.
  • One-time Scheduling Link is a one-off link for a single event that you can send to someone else to schedule on your calendar. In a one-time link, you may offer specific timing options or all available times. Your invitee will select from the choices provided to them.
  • Group Polls allow you to ask people to vote on times they could attend your event. You can then choose the best time to schedule.
  • Public Scheduling Links are permanent links that can be used to schedule multiple events. You can put a public scheduling link in your email signature or link to it from your website. Public Scheduling Links may also be configured as a template.
  • Templates help you quickly schedule some types of meetings/events, or block similar types of work on your calendar. When you create a new template, you are not immediately creating a new event. Rather, you create a reusable event draft that you can use later to create events quickly.
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