Woven features several different types of scheduling tools, designed for the many scheduling needs of busy professionals.

The main set of scheduling tools are featured in the "+" button at the top left (desktop) or bottom right (mobile) of the screen.

  • New event creates a single, standard event. Choose the time, participants, location, and more settings, then schedule the event immediately.  You can also click/tap on the calendar view to create a new event.
  • One-time scheduling links are one-off links for a single meeting that you can send to anyone to schedule a meeting on your calendar. In a one-time link, you offer specific options or all available times and your guest picks and schedules from those choices.  One-time scheduling links look like the following example: https://woven.com/e/u6I5ZyKUhBLg
  • Group polls let you ask participants to vote on potential times they could attend. You can then choose the best option and schedule the event.  Group poll links look like the following example: https://woven.com/e/uadnHh1ZFkYd
  • Public scheduling links are permanent links that can be used to schedule multiple meetings.  You can put them in your email signature or link to them from your website.  They are actually a special kind of template and can be configured the same way.  Public scheduling links look like the following example: https://woven.com/c/<user-name>/<link-name>
  • Templates help you quickly schedule certain types of meetings, or block similar types of work on your calendar.  When you create a new template, you are not immediately creating a new event but instead you create a re-usable event stencil that can later be used to create different kinds of events quickly.
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