Calendar Intelligence

Home is the intelligent tool for seeing and interacting with your scheduled time!  Home is just one tap from your calendar, is always up to date, and will help you experience and manage your time in a whole new way.  

Interact with your Events & Time

With Home, Woven will help you quickly get ready for your next meeting, get directions, grab an Uber or Lyft there, or join the conference call - all with a single click.

Home will give you insights into how you are investing your time during work hours so you can ensure your prioritizing your time efficiently.

While you are in the meeting, Woven makes it easy to quickly capture notes, and reminds you of how much time you have left.  

Home also allows you to quickly see what your next meeting is and how to get there so you’ll always be on time. 

Powerful Analytics

Woven now provides analytics to help you gain valuable insights into how you invest your time, from how much time you've spent in meetings to travel time between appointments, and even a breakdown of your time based on your personal tags.

Woven will even track how much uninterrupted “focus” time (time outside of meetings where your getting work done) so you can stay in front of potentially over-booking your time.

And this is just the beginning! 

You can expect even more useful updates in future releases of Woven. Just one more way we help you spend time on what matters most!

More About Home Analytics

  • Home uses your My Time calendars to help you interact with events you need to attend.
  • Add the personal tag “Focus” to any event and it will be included in the Focus Time calculation while still allowing you to mark the event as 'busy' on your calendar.
  • Focus Time is the amount of 1-hour or greater free time that you have on your calendar.
  • By using Personal tags on your events (and including them when creating Smart Templates), the Analytics feature will calculate the cumulative time spent in events you have tagged.
  • Analytics calculates the amount of real time on your calendar. It will NOT count overlapping time (e.g. two 1 hour meetings scheduled at the exact same time)
  • Meeting Time excludes all day events even if they are marked as busy
  • Travel Time includes any event with “Travel” in the title OR events with the tag “Travel”
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