From time to time, your Woven application may loose it's connection with Woven server and may not update events on Woven completely.

The typical symptom is that you do not see some of your Google/G Suite calendar events when viewing your calendar(s) in Woven.

What to do to resolve this problem

  1. From your Woven app, go to Settings (click the gear icon in lower lefthand corner of the application window)

  2. Click on Refresh all data at the top of the Setting panel

  3. Wait 20 to 30 seconds

  4. Reload/Relaunch the App

  • If using Woven in Web browser:  Refresh/reload the browser window

  • If using Woven Desktop App:  Quite/exit the app and relaunch Woven

  • If using Woven iPhone App:  Quit the Woven app and restart it by clicking on the Woven app icon.

Still having problems?

If this does not resolve the problem with certain events not showing in your Woven account, please contact Customer Care by sending an email to

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