Woven understands scheduling events across time zones and managing your calendar when traveling can be challenging.

Here's a quick overview of how Woven supports Timezones;

  • Local Timezone reflects the timezone setting of the computer or laptop Woven is running on.

  • Primary Timezone is set for your Woven account, initially inherited from the primary calendar on Google Calendar. You can be view and change your primary timezone in Settings (click the gear icon on the lower lefthand corner of the Woven window).

  • Secondary Timezone - You can add a second timezone if you travel between specific timezones on a regular basis.

  • Event timezones - when an event is created, it will be assigned a timezone.  The event by default will be created in the local timezone.

Attendee Timezone Experience
When a guest visits a Scheduling Link, they will see time suggestions in their LOCAL timezone.  If the event was created in a different timezone, they will ALSO see that timezone. 

For an example,  imagine a scenario where I live in New York and you live in Chicago.  I create an event in my local Eastern Standard Time.  When I send you the link and you open it in Chicago, you will see the proposed times in Central Standard Time and Woven will also tell you what local time will be for me in New York.

Need help?

If you have any questions about how to best use Public Scheduling Links, please send an email to support@woven.com.

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