If you're using a Google account with Woven, have set your video conferencing link under Conferencing Information in Settings to either Personal link/phone number or Zoom meeting ID, and are wondering why Google Meets conference links are being automatically added to your Woven events, here's whats happening.

This isn't a Woven setting, but a Google Calendar setting. Below are instructions on how to disable this setting in either you GMail or G Suite Google account.

GMail Account Calendar

To disable a Google Meets link being created automatically, go to your GMail calendar and select Settings (gear icon in the upper right hand side of the calendar). Scroll down to Event Settings and toggle off the setting to automatically add Google Meets to events you create.

G Suite Account

By default, G Suite adds video calls to all Google Calendar events.  It's an account-level setting for your entire G Suite Domain, meaning this must be changed by an administrator.  Your company's G Suite administrator will need to go to the G Suite admin page and specifically this link.

This setting will over ride your Conferencing Information settings (including when you use a Personal video conference link for Zoom, Blue Jeans, etc.)

Need help?

If you have further questions, or need more help, please send an email to help@woven.com

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