Woven is currently in open beta and offering Woven to use for free during this time.  Our goal is to ensure we have a product that provides value and the best customer experience when people connect all their GMail, G Suite, and Office 365 calendars to Woven.

When we exit open beta, Woven will introduce a version of our product with robust features for a monthly fee.  We are currently in the process of finalizing details around pricing for Woven.   

Will Woven be free in the future?

We will likely continue to have a free (personal) version of Woven with a standard set of functionality designed for people who do basic calendar scheduling.

What is currently being considered for a paid version of Woven?

We will be offer a premium (professional) version of Woven with premium features with either a monthly or annual subscription option. We are still working through pricing options and will be announcing initial pricing in late 2020 that will include a discount for customers who signed up for Woven during open beta.

How about small to medium sized businesses?

We will likely offer a team version of the product for small to medium sized businesses (with tiered pricing based on the number employees) with the same features and functionality of the paid version of Woven.

Will Woven offer a version of Woven for the enterprise?

Currently our focus is on the individual consumer and small teams.  We will eventually release a version of Woven designed for the enterprise that will include advanced capabilities like; support for Single Sign On, integration with enterprise directory services, etc.

Stay tuned... 

We will be announcing final pricing information in the later half of 2020.  If you have any further questions, please send us an email to help@woven.com.

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