By adding Private Tags to your templates, scheduling links, and any meeting or event on your Woven calendar, Woven Analytics can give you valuable insights into how you are investing your time week over week.


The Woven platform was designed with advanced capabilities including robust time analytics.  Analytics uses Private Tags you define to see directly in real time how your time is playing out on your calendar.

Private Tags

This feature enables you to characterizing events and meetings on all your calendars.  You can create as many private tags as you like so you can breakdown your time the way you want.

For an example, you can create Private Tags to help;

  • track events, meetings, and blocked time against the right priorities each week
  • Provide data for activity and status reports
  • Understand billable time by client or project
  • Bring analytics to your time blocking templates.

How to create a Private Tag

You can create a Private Tag by clicking the Private Tag tile and typing the name of the tag you want to create.  

Once you have created a tag, you can add it to any event or meeting on your calendar or to your templates simply by starting to type the name of the tag and then selecting it from the drop down list.

Take time to think about what you want to track in the context of how you work.  Use Private tags to characterize your time in a way that is important to you.

To access Analytics you can click on the Analytics button in the left hand menu in your Woven window or by going to Woven home and scrolling down to the Analytics panel.

Woven will look across all the events scheduled on your calendar for a given week and show you how much time you are spending in meetings and events by Private Tag.  

You can have Woven analyze your Working hours, Non-working hours, or all of your time in a given week.

Use the insights from Analytics to effectively plan out your week (especially when  you start Time Blocking with Woven to protect your focus time) and then track how your time plays out throughout the week. 

More About Home Analytics

  • Add the personal tag “Focus” to any event and it will be included in the Focus Time calculation while still allowing you to mark the event as 'busy' on your calendar.
  • By using Personal tags on your events (and including them when creating Smart Templates), the Analytics feature will calculate the cumulative time spent in events you have tagged.
  • Analytics calculates the amount of real time on your calendar. It will NOT count overlapping time (e.g. two 1 hour meetings scheduled at the exact same time)
  • Meeting Time excludes all day events even if they are marked as busy
  • Travel Time includes any event with “Travel” in the title OR events with the tag “Travel”

Need help?

If you have any questions or just need help using Private Tags or Analytics, please send an email to or click the chat icon in the lower corner of this support article.

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