Time blocking is the practice of planning out your day in advance and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities.  

Whether it’s endless meetings, constant phone calls, responding to email, or coworkers popping in for a “quick chat,” your productivity rarely makes it through the day let alone the week.

When you proactively block time on your calendar for tasks and work you need to get done, it’s harder for others to steal your time.

Intelligently Protect your time

Use Smart Templates in combination with Private Tags to intelligently block time on your calendar to get work done.  

Take a moment to think about the high level list of work that you need to set aside focus time at your desk to complete.  For an example;

  • If you’re in sales this could be time for pipeline management, weekly forecasting, prospecting, etc.
  • If you’re a project manager this could be setting aside time to do risk management, status reporting, project time accounting, etc.
  • A manager can protect time for planning, budget review, reporting, etc.

Create a Time Blocking Template

Once you have a good idea of the type of work you need to set aside time to focus on, create a Template in Woven for each type of work activity.

  1. Start by naming your time blocking templates beginning with a common phrase (i.e. ‘Desk Time’). and maybe even include an emoji in the template title for quick visual reference (i.e. 🖥).  
  2. Adjust the event title so you can quickly add a brief description when using your time blocking templates on your calendar.
  3. You definitely should add Private Tags so when you block time on your calendar using templates, you automatically gain the benefit of Woven Analytics.  You’ll likely want to have a unique Private Tag for each time blocking template you create to characterize (and track) the type of work/function/responsibility.
  4. Make sure you add the 'focus' tag to all your time blocking templates.  This will ensure time you block on you calendar will not be included in your overall Event time.

Create as many time blocking templates as necessary to help you protect time on your calendar(s) to get different types of work done each week.  You can then quickly click on your calendar, select the time blocking template specific to the type of work you are setting aside time for.

For an example, if you're responsible for customer success at your company, you'd have several time blocking templates created.

Using your Time Blocking Templates

Once you have created your time blocking templates, protecting time on your calendar to get work done can be done in moments.

  • Click on your calendar where you want to block time to get some specific work done.
  • In the drop down, select the appropriate time blocking template.
  • Type a brief specific description.
  • You can drag the event to select the necessary time you want to protect for the given activity.
  • Click Schedule and you are done.

Woven Time Blocking with Analytics

Not only is using Smart Templates to block time on your calendar the fastest way to protect your time to get work done, when you add Private Tags to these templates, you will instantly gain the benefits of using Analytics.  

Woven analytics is a powerful feature that ensures you’re investing the right time against your weekly priorities and also have the ability to gain insights into your time like never before.

Need help?

If you have any questions about using Woven for Time Blocking or just need help using Smart Templates, Private Tags or Analytics, please send an email to help@woven.com or click the chat icon in the lower corner of this support article.


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