The benefits of time-blocking

Forces you to commit

People overwhelmingly stick with defaults when given choices. Time-blocking eliminates the ambiguity of how you're investing your time at work, and makes getting work done at your desk a part of your weekly planning and time management activities.

Makes you plan realistically

When you block time on your calendar, you have to know how much time it will actually take in the broader context of your work day. 

Because using Woven for Time Blocking is fast and provides the benefits of analytics, you can ensure you don't let others steal time to do your work.

Minimizes context-switching

When you get distracted while working, it's difficult to return to the task at hand. In many instances, you have to figure out where you were or what to work on all over again. This is why context switching cripples productivity.

When you use Woven to time-block, not only are you more productive but you also have the analytics to look at your week to decide where next to invest your time.

Allows you to protect your time

Setting aside time for getting work done on your calendar stops people from grabbing time on your calendar. 

Allows you to reflect on your priorities

At the end of the work week, you can conveniently use Woven Analytics to access your productivity and begin planning for the upcoming week.   When reviewing your Woven Analytics (based on the Private Tags you included in your time blocking templates) you can start gaining insight into your time by asking yourself key questions like;

  • Did you allocate your time in accordance with your priorities and/or customer? 
  • Did you spend too much time responding to emails or preparing for non-essential meetings?

Gaining insights on how you spend your time with Woven's Analytics feature can help you make better plans for the future by pushing you to ensure that you set aside time for your highest-priorities.

Tips for Time Blocking Intelligently

Tip 1: Plan out your week in advance

On a Monday morning, having a plan of attack for your week can help you get execute faster, gain momentum, and get more done. Use the Time Blocking Templates your created in Woven to set aside time to work on the right things throughout the week.

Tip 2:  Get specific

People hate ambiguity. When given a choice between a high-impact, but ambiguous task and a low-impact, but clear one, most people will choose the latter.

The more specific (less ambiguous) the time you block on your calendar is, the more likely it is that you’ll actually get things done. (Learn more about how to use Woven for Time Blocking).

Tip 3: Reflect and adjust intermittently

At the end of the week, use Woven's Analytics feature to see where you spent your time and figure out if you’re allocating your time in accordance with your priorities. If you notice that you aren’t spending time on high-priority items or initiatives, you should adjust your plan for the next week to make sure you set aside more time for those items.

Need help?

If you have any questions about using Woven for Time Blocking or just need help using Smart Templates, Private Tags or Analytics, please send an email to or click the chat icon in the lower corner of this support article.

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