Woven has created a powerful search feature to help you get more out of your calendars connected to Woven.

Woven Search allows you to perform sophisticated and focused searches of your calendar data.

You can use the Woven Search interface to quickly find events;

  • By Title
  • By Participant(s)
  • By location
  • Within a specific date range
  • By event duration
  • By Private Tag
  • RSVP status

Build your Own Search Queries

Woven Search provides a rich query language that can be used for very powerful and flexible searches.

The Woven search query language will feel familiar to those who have used popular email search features but has additional capabilities, such as logical grouping and the ability to use simple words (AND, OR, NOT or AND NOT) to combine or exclude keywords in a search, resulting in more focused and productive search results.

Search by Private Tag

You can search events across all your connected calendars by entering the term 'tag' followed by a specific tag.

Search by Title

Sometimes we want to find an event that has a specific word in the title field of events. Woven Search can help you look across your calendars to find specific words in event titles.

Simply type "title:" into the search bar followed by the word you're looking for in the event title.

Search for Events Before or After a Specific Date

You can also have Woven search for events before or after a specific date.

You would simple use the term "before:" or "after:" followed by the date (entered in the format yyyy/m/d).

Combining Search Terms

You can combine search terms to be more specific in your search of events on your calendars by using one of the two following boolean values:

  • "and" behaves by requiring all terms to be true for an event to match
  • "or" requires only one of the terms to be true for an event to match.

As an example you can use "and" to search for an event that occurred before or after a certain date that also has a specific tag.

You would enter the term "before:" (or "after:") followed by the date (entered in the format yyyy/m/d). Then enter "and" followed by the term you want to search for. in this case a specific tag.

Go Deeper with Woven's Search Query Language

If you are comfortable with search syntax, read on to explore the more advanced capabilities of Woven Search.

Searchable Fields in Woven

Some fields can be accessed directly, like tags, location, title, etc.

Field Name



The title of the event


The location of the event


Privacy level of the event. One of DEFAULT





I’m not totally sure if this is actually a useful field to search on, but it’s in the index.


Indicates the user in question’s rsvp status. One of






Boolean, indicates if this is an event that is show as free, or not


Boolean, indicates if this is an all day event


Boolean, indicates if this is a recurring event


Allows searching for events that end before this time. This is a Date Field


Allows searching for events that start after this time. This is a Date Field


Allows searching over private tags in the event


Allows searching for events that are shorter in duration than the given input. Input is a number which is assumed to be minutes.


Allows searching for events that are longer in duration than the given input. Input is a number which is assumed to be minutes.

Search Relative to a Date

You can search relative to a


And use the current timestamp (including the hour), then subtract or add days as appropriate.

Has Operator

The has operator is used to determine the existence of a field. For example, if you want to get all events that are tagged, regardless of what tag, you could use this query:


Events are required to have some fields, such as start and end time, so using has on those will generally always return true.


It can often be very useful to search for the opposite of a term. Let’s say you want to search for all events that do not have the tag “work”. You could write a query that just searches for every single other tag, but that would eventually become very long and would have to be updated constantly as you create new tags. Instead, we can use negation.

To negate a field, simply put a minus sign “-” in front of the field name or operator, like so:


Any field can have this added to it. For example, for all events that were not at home, you can use this search:


This negation also works with the has operator. So if you wanted to find all events that were untagged, you could use it like this:


Which would return all events where the tag field is empty.

Need help?

If you have any questions or just need help using Woven Calendar Search, please send an email to help@woven.com or click the chat icon in the lower corner of this support article.

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