Basic Scheduling URL

When you signup for Woven, you are assigned a Basic Scheduling URL based upon your Woven generated user name (it usually will be some form of your primary account name and a number).

This Basic Scheduling URL is used each time you create a Public Scheduling Link.

Personalized Scheduling URL (Woven Premium)

The Personalized Scheduling URL is a Woven Premium feature that allows you to set a custom Scheduling URL for all your Public Scheduling Links.

When you upgrade to Woven Premium, you are prompted to personalize/customize your Scheduling URL (based on availability).

Once you set your Personalized Scheduling URL, it will be used on all your existing and new Public Scheduling Links.

How Scheduling URLs Work

Each time you create a Public Scheduling Link, the Scheduling URL is followed by the name of the Public Scheduling Link (which in turn can be edited in the Public Scheduling Links details).

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