Woven runs on top of your existing calendar accounts and makes your calendaring & scheduling experience much more pleasant with features such the ability to manage your time across multiple calendar accounts, powerful scheduling tools including calendar analytics and search features.

As a result, Woven needs at least one connected calendar account to operate (Either Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365), which is why we require signing up either via Google or via Microsoft.

Signup Once. Sign-in using any Connected Calendar Account

With that said, unlike some other services, we actually allow you to sign in with any connected calendar account later on.

For example, if you connect a Google account and a Microsoft account to Woven, you can later sign in with either of them, even if you lose access to one of them (i.e. when you leave a company and no longer have access to that calendar account).

Need more help?

Connect with our team and other customers in the Woven Users Group on Facebook, or the Woven Users Slack Workspace.

Talk to us directly at help@woven.com.

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