Woven works as a layer on top of your existing Calendar system which means that it can do anything your calendar can do, and more.  However, there are a few areas where we have not yet exposed the features of the calendar system in the UI - colors are one of them. 

We will be adding this capability shortly, but Woven can be configured to set the event color of new events now.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a Woven event that has the event details exactly the characteristics that you want in the template (except for the participants - we’ll add them last)
  2. Schedule that Woven event onto the calendar (doesn’t matter when)
  3. Go to Google Calendar and set the event color to be whatever color you want
  4. Return to Woven, access the event and “Create Template” from the event
  5. Add the participants (if applicable)
  6. Save the template
  7. Delete the event you scheduled in step 2

From this point forward, any event created from that template will inherit the color you set in step 3.

For those that are interested, here's why this works:

  • Woven inherits the calendar color of the calendar as set in Google
  • Woven syncs the color data for individual events and will show the color on the woven calendar
  • If you copy an event from event that is colored, Woven will copy the color.
  • If you create a template out of an event that has a color, any new event that has that color will inherit the event color

SOON [but not yet] - we will allow users to set the color of the event in woven

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